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Selection of Car Seat Covers For Baby, Infant, Boys and Girls

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Boys, Girls, Infant, Baby Car Seat and Carrier Covers

There are a number of reasons to get a new car seat cover for baby, infant:

  • The old car seat cover is worn or soiled
  • You would simply like a different color
  • You would like to color match your car's interior
  • To have an extra cover so you can throw one in the wash while using the other one
  • To show off a trendy style in your baby car seat cover
  • You need the car seat for a girl instead of a boy or vice versa.
  • You need a new baby car seat cover for mother's or grandmother's car seat

Replacing the car seat cover is a good way to save money vs. buying a whole new infant car seat.

You have so many nice styles to choose from . There are bold and exciting prints and designs plus quite, soothing baby car seat patterns. There are blue baby car seat covers for boys and pink car seat covers for girls.

If you have a child that just loves to spill everything then you might want to check out the waterproof car seat covers. These are the ones that work best for me.

Inexpensive baby seat covers that fit over your current car seat cover are available. These are normally washable, padded and stretch over the existing car seat cover. These type seat covers are viewed by some as a safety risk due to the fact that they interfere with the straps and other safety features of the baby car seat.

To get a better fitting baby car seat cover try to find one that you like and is designed to fit the manufacturer of your baby's car seat.

Below is a selection of some of the more popular car seat covers (and of course some of my favorites) for baby.

Graco Snugride Infant Car Seat Cover by Babylooms
baby car seat covers

This infant car seat cover is a very stylish and chic replacement car seat cover for your Graco Snugride.

If is very attractive and catches the eye of passerbys.

It features a cotton print with ultra soft minky dot.

Included with the cover are minky dots headrest and shoulder strap covers.

Padding: High density, ultra-soft fiber batting for supreme comfort and support.

This Graco Snugride baby car seat cover has an outer lining for added comfort and durability. It is machine washable on a delicate cycle.

View This and Other Camo Infant Seat Covers at

Premium Baby Carseat Covers | Car Seat Canopy Blanket by Mama's Helper

The stylish design of this car seat canopy cover by Mama's helper is not only Car Seat Canopy Blanket by Mama's Helperattractive but the cover is very functional as well.

It is large enough to cover the car seat and includes front opening with snaps for ventilation and ease of checking on baby.

The cover is made of a breathable fabric but not too thin to keep baby warm and protected from the elements.

Easy to attach straps connect securely to the car seat handle and also keeps handle free for safe carrying.

This car seat cover is made with soft, minky fabric that can double as a baby blanket.

Machine washable.

Available online at:

Itzy Ritzy Infant Car Seat Cover

itzy ritzy infant car seat coverYou can travel in style when you replace your infant car seat cover with the Baby Ritzy Rider from Itzy Ritzy.

It was the winner of the 2010 Baby and Children's Product News Award, Reader's Favorites: Car Sear Cover.

This is a universal, reversible slip cover that fits over existing manufacturer's covers which will extend the life of your baby car seat. You will be able to create 4 different combinations of looks because the cover incorporates 2 exceptional fabrics. One side has a custom designed printer fabric and the other side has a solid, plush Minky Dot fabric.

Eleven different color combinations to choose from.

Buy Baby Car Seat Covers Online at

JJ Cole Car Seat Cover

This cover keeps your infant warm from wind and cold in the winter without having to car seat covers infantthrow a blanket over the carrier. Less hassle makes it a lot easier for you to carry your infant in this car seat.

These are known as shower cap style baby car seat covers. It is made of weather-resistant nylon and soft inner fleece.

The zippered flap provides a custom fit to grow with your baby. It is machine washable and comes in khaki and pink colors.

The blanket-style design allows you to eliminate the need for jackets and blankets.

Purchase from

7AM Enfant Car Seat Cocoon: Infant Car Seat Cover Micro-Fleece Lined

This cozy baby car seat cover is wind and water repellent and slips simply over7AM Enfant Car Seat Cocoon: Infant Car Seat Cover Micro-Fleece Lined with an Elasticized Base, Gray the car seat with a snug, elasticized contour to keep baby warm while traveling.

This makes for no material between baby's back and the car seat, allowing safe access to the five point harness.

A central zipper on the Enfant Car Seat Cocoon allows for quick and easy access to your baby and side shoulder zippers for uncovering baby's head.

100% Polyester, Machine Washable and Tumble Dry.

Available online at:

Hot Toddies Infant Car Seat Cover

Your baby will lounge in super soft and super cool fabric which will give youcar seat covers baby a warm feeling of comfort also.

These baby car seat covers will slip on and off easily for cleaning and fits most manufacturers' infant and toddler car seats, including the ones with side impact protection.

The outstanding look of this infant car seat cover will have everyone eyeing your baby and asking where you got such a stylish cover.

Colors are: Avery Dot Blue, Avery Dot Pink, Emma Swirl Turquoise, Tyler Frog, Emma Swirl Pink and Matthew Madras.

Shop Online and Save at

Balboa Baby Shopping Cart Cover

Car Seat Baby CoversThis is a great item to add to your baby shower registry.

It is soft, quilted and provides a germ free zone and secure environment for your baby while shopping.

The four elastic corners are used to secure the cover to the cart. Using the toy loops, you can attach a couple of toys to entertain your child while shopping.

Your baby is kept secure by a comfortable safety strap.

The feature that I like the best is that this shopping cart cover folds up so small that it can fit into your diaper bag or just keep it in the car so it will always be available when you go shopping.

It can also double as a high chair cover when eating out at your favorite restaurant.

Purchase your Baby Shopping Cart Cover at

Where To Buy Car Seat Covers For Baby

Deals on Baby Car Seat Replacement Covers are available online for all the different manufacturers of baby car seats and car seat covers, including Graco,Britax, Evenflo and covers made to fit all baby car seats such as those from Baby Bella, Itzy Ritzy, Hot Toddies and Emmalu Designs at Ebay and Walmart.

Little Boys Will Just Be Little Boys and Dogs Will Always Love Them


Baby Car Seat Safety Tips

Baby Car Seats can help to prevent serious injury to your child in case of a automobile accident.  By law all children under the age of 12 should be seated in the back seat while traveling in a vehicle; especially if you have air bags in the front seat, which most cars do nowadays.

Even on their way from the hospital your child should be transported in a rear facing infant car seat.  Your child should ride rear facing until he/she weighs twenty pounds or reach the age of one.

After this toddlers can travel in a forward facing seat.  They will need to travel in this manner until they weigh 40 lbs or their ears reach the top of the car seat.  After this they will transition to a seatbelt positioned booster seat.

Automobile seat belts should not be used by your child while they are under the age of eight unless they have reached the height of 4 foot 9 inches.  Prior to this they should continue to use the booster seat.

When your child is ready for regular seatbelt use the shoulder strap will fit across the shoulder and not the neck and the lap belt will fit across the hips and not the stomach.

When installing your baby's car seat follow the manufacturer's directions exactly.  If you do not have them call the manufacture or see if you can locate the directions on the manufacture's website.

Every baby car seat will have a label with the name of the car seat, name of the manufacturer, their address and their phone number.  Their website address is usually the manufacture name.

Check for this label before you purchase a car seat, either new or used.
It is o.k. to buy a used baby or infant car seat or booster. Just be sure to check it thoroughly for belt fraying, any cracks in the fasteners and that the padding in the seat is not ripped or torn.  Ask if the seat has been in a crash, and if so, do not purchase.  There may be damage to the alignment of the frame that you cannot see.

When acquiring a new car seat make sure that it will work in the vehicle that you own.  Your cars owner's manual may be of help with knowing which seats will work for you or the baby car seat manufacturer's website may also provide the information you need.

A baby car seat is something you want to start researching shortly after you know that you are pregnant.

Baby Car Seat Covers

If you already have a baby car seat either from a previous child or one that was a gift, then you may want to spruce it up or change the theme with a new baby car seat cover. Check out the selections above.

Glass Breaker Seat Belt Cutter

Another tool that you may want to consider is a glass breaker seat belt cutter tool. In the case of an accident you want to be able to free your child quickly from the car.  This may require you to break a window or to cut either your child's car seat straps or your own seatbelt.  It is really a very inexpensive safety item.

Additional Baby Safety Tips

Babies love to play with things in a purse, whether it be yours or a visitors. While this is entertaining for the child many things can be dangerous for your baby.

Some of these things are medications, nail files, cosmetics and pens. Todays medications in a bottle usually have child proof tops but then there are those that are just in a punch out paper type container. Even though children can't punch them out they can very well chew on them until some of the medication may bleed through the paper container.

Babies love to put everything in their mouth. So, just be on guard and watch where yours and your visitors purses are at all times when your baby is around.


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