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Infant and Baby Winter Car Seat Covers

When it comes to winter and your baby there are a number of factors to consider along with the baby car seat cover for winter and keeping your baby safe and warm.

Our motherly instinct is to keep our babies and toddlers bundled up to keep them warm when going outside on cold winter days.  But, you don't want to go too far and have the opposite effect and have them sweating inside all that clothing so that when it is taken off then they become chilled.

Plus if your child is going to be traveling in a carseat then you don't want them bundled to the point that it becomes  a safety hazard in the baby car seat.

Bulky coats may be fine for the toddler that is going out to make a snowman in the front yard but not necessarily when going for a ride in their baby car seat.

If you are over bundling to the point that the car seat harnesses and restraints no longer fit properly then  you need to find something warm but less bulky for your child to wear.  Remember the 2 finger rule.  Make sure the harness is no more than two fingers down from the child's collarbone.

If you are not going to be outside long with the baby then just dress them warmly and use a blanket over the harness.  It is more important to maintain proper position in the car seat therefore keeping the neck in the correct position and airway open.

One option for added warmth is one of the baby car seat covers for winter.  These can be easily switched out to a cooler version when warm weather returns.  Some of these covers allow the safety straps of the three or five point harness systems to pass directly through the cover and rest directly on the child to ensure safety while keeping your child cozy warm.

One example is the JJ Cole Infant Bundle Me. The exterior is made of JJ Cole Infant Bundle Me Car Seat Coverdurable fleece material while the inside is made of a thick Faux sheepskin. There are openings for three and five point harnesses which should cover most strollers so baby can be extra secure, even on bumpy roads. The entire unit is machine-washable. Keeps baby warm with minimum fussing with assorted blankets and covers.

As we mentioned earlier when you use a baby carseat cover it is easy to remove for cleaning and to switch to a lighter weight material for the warmer weather months.

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EVC Cozy Baby Car Seat Cover for Winter, Pink ZebraAnother selection is the EVC Cozy Cover, Pink Zebra. The dual zippers allow for easy access to baby and child safety straps and the pull down flap helps shield your baby's face when transporting outside.

The elasticized edge allows for easy use on all infant carreirs.

The weatherproof micro fiber shell is lined with a soft, cozy fleece and keeps baby warm and comfy as you travel outdoors.

The EVC Cozy Cover comes in a number of different colors and styles.

Available Online at:

If taking the winter baby car seat covers option don't forget that babies often ride in different car seats.  You may have a car seat in your spouse's car, parent's automobile or even a baby sitters vehicle. Plus,  you may want to consider an extra cold weather cover so that one can be removed for cleaning.

Baby car seat covers for summer or winter come in a variety of colors and fabrics.  An added feature is to give your baby's car seat a more stylish or trendy look in addition to providing warmth and safety for your child during those cold winter days.

Jolly Jumper Infant Sneak a Peek  Car Seat Cover for Winter Black
The First Years Car Seat Cover for Winter, Pink
Jolly Jumper Sneak a Peek Infant Carseat Cover Deluxe - Black
JJ Cole Urban Bundleme Infant Car Seat Cover - Stealth


Baby Care Tips

A mother is usually the main care giver for her baby and that makes her a very busy person.  In addition to cooking, maintaining the house and often holding down a full time job she has to handle the majority of the care and safety of her baby.

A mother becomes the most important person in the child's life.  It is so hard for her to learn and know how to do everything right in the care of her baby.  Here are a few tips that may help, even it is just a reminder, in carrying for your newborn.

Breast Feeding

When breast feeding think about the food that you eat because if it causes problems in your body then that may be communicated to your child's body also.

Bottle Feeding

When bottle feeding make sure you sterilize the bottles between each use.  You want to kill all unwanted organisms that may have developed in the bottle due to the fermenting milk.

Your Baby's Sleep

For your baby to sleep comfortably you will need a firm mattress for the crib, sheets and blankets.  There should be no unnecessary clothing around the baby's body and bed.  Check your baby's temperature with your hand occasionally to see if you should remove some of the covering, even it for just a few minutes.

If for some reason you baby is sleeping outside then make use of a mosquito net to keep away flies and mosquitoes.

As a mother you need sleep also so try to learn and catch some catnaps yourself while your child is sleeping.

Clothing For Baby

In the summer clothes should be lightweight cotton ones.  Another thing to be aware of is to make sure that the baby's head is not in the direct sunlight.

In the frigid weather consider some of the baby car seat covers for keeping your baby warm in the winter that we discussed earlier vs. too much bundling in heavy clothes.

A Bath For Baby

Try to make a bath fun and enjoyable for your baby.  Have a tub that gives enough room for your baby to splash water with their legs.

At bath time rub your baby's skin with baby oil and baby cream and then after the bath dry them thoroughly and apply baby powder.

Training and Education

Your child begins to learn almost immediately and they learn from their surroundings.  Their habits and since of discipline is cultivated a lot by the discipline the mother maintains.

When mother is calm through daily things, even illness, the baby will most likely learn to be calm in their daily lives as they grow.  Humming and singing quietly can have a very calming effect on both you and your baby.

Car Safety

Make sure you have the proper sized baby car seat installed properly in your car.  Know the rules on how and when your child should ride in the car; rear facing or front facing or booster seat.

A safety tool that I like to recommend for all parents to carry in their car is the Car Glass Breaker and Seat Belt Cutter Tool.  In the case of an accident this tool could become very important in freeing both yourself and your child from the car, especially if it is a burning car or one that is going under water.

Final Tip

Spend as much time with your child as you can.  As they grow let them know that you are interested in their activities and that you are proud of their accomplishments.  The thing that a child wants most is to be loved and to know that someone cares about them.











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